The Department of Machine Elements was established in 1949 as one of the first six departments at the University of Miskolc realised in the same year as the Technical University for Heavy Industries. The founder and the first head of the department was Prof. Dr. Zénó Terplán (from 1949 to 1988). He was succeeded by Prof. Dr. Ádám Döbröczöni (from 1988 to 2009), Dr. László Kamondi (from 2009 to 2013) and Prof. Dr. Gabriella Vadászné Bognár (from 2013). The name of the department has been changed to Department of Machine and Product Design in 2008. The name has been changed to Institute of Machine and Product Design in 2013/11.
In 2011, the Machine and Product Design Department won the "North Hungarian Regional Innovation Award". The Institute is accredited under No. 101 001 440 TP as an "excellent talent point" from 2014.



Educational activity of the Institute covers BSc, MSc and PhD courses. In mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, vehicle engineering and logistics engineering education at BSc level, the Institute carries out a significant role through teaching subjects such as Basics of Mechanical Engineering, Machine Drawing, or Machine Elements I-II. The students at specializations are studying subjects such as Noise Protection, or The basics of product development, Quality Assurance of Product Development, and Technical Acoustics.
For students of the MSc programs the Institute is launching courses, such as Machine elements III., Dynamic of Machine Systems, or Drives. The Institute takes care of specialization Mechanical Design of BSc Mechanical Engineering program, the BSc education of Industrial Design Engineer and MSc specialization General Machine Design.
The versatility of the machine design and mechanical engineering is shown by the prizes won by our students with vehicles built for the International Aventics Pneumobile competitions and "Electromobile" competitions.



The Institute's research topics covers fields like gear tooth geometry, planetary gearboxes and harmonic drives, journal bearings, lubrication theory of sliding surfaces, lubrication, tribology, theory of machine design, design methodology, design of machine structures and product development, mechanical vibration diagnostics, technical acoustics, machine elements, finite element analysis.
Research and development works: scrapers, ring lathe, worm gearing, self-reflective sheet pile ship, hypodermic needle production equipment, flywheel energy storage drive, automatic dispensing reel-change cable machine. Dynamic investigation of cement mills, pallet handling system (co-operation), equipment for shredding plastic waste (co-operation), DFMA based redesign of vacuums and freezers (Electrolux Lehel Ltd.), drive design and noise source mapping (R. Bosch Power Tool Ltd), development of hip replacement (University of Debrecen Orthopaedic Clinic), development of semi-automatic system operating mechanical gearbox (Trigon Ltd.).