The origin of the Institute of Automation and Infocommunication can be traced from two directions.

On the first hand, in 1970, the Department of Control Engineering and the Department of Measurement formed together the Faculty of Automation of Chemical Processes of the University of Miskolc. In 1989, the Department of Control Engineering was integrated into the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and it was operated as a Department of the Institute of Information Science till 1995.

On the other hand, the Department of Automatics was established at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1964. In 1992, the Deptartment joined the Institute of Information Science. The Department of Automation was established by merging the Department of Control Engineering and the Department of Automation in 1995.

In 2011, its name changed to Department of Automation and Infocommunication accurately reflecting its educational and research activities. In 2014, the Deptartment became the part of the Institute of Electrical Engineering. From September 2016, it operates as an independent institute under the name of Institute of Automation and Infocommunication.


As regards the educational profile of the Institute of Automation and Infocommunication, the subjects can be classified into two major groups, such as fundamental subjects of engineering and specialized courses. Specializations are offered in the area of Automation and Communication Technology, moreover the Institute of Automation and Infocommunication participates in the education of those students, who choose the specialization of Electric Design and Production. The Institute is responsible for


Research areas of the Research Group for Digital Systems: reconfigurable architectures, multi-core processors, modern processor architectures, embedded and real-time OS, computer networks, evaluation of measurement data, Internet of Things, robotics applications. In 2016, the Group organized the X. Competition of Applied Engineering (‘Hungarians on the Mars’) in Miskolc. The Group carries out research projects in cooperation with colleagues of other Departments.

The Research Group for Infocommunication Systems addresses issues in wired and wireless analogue and digital communications. Our laboratories provide platforms where the theory is coupled with practice. Research fields: speech and image processing, 3D animation, terrestrial and satellite broadcasting, wired and wireless ad-hoc sensor networks. One of our projects of utmost importance: TÁMOP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV-2012-0002–'Basic and Applied Research for the Internet-based Speech Development of the Hearing Impaired and for the Objective Measurement of Progress'.

The Research Group for Automation focuses on the applications of artificial intelligence based methods in control engineering, computer-based process modelling, computer aided design of control systems, programmable control systems with distributed intelligence, autonomous vehicles (Go-Kart,Go-Bosch), development of systems and methods for special purposes, investigation of integration possibilities for industrial and information technology systems in relation to Industry 4.0.