Prof. Dr. Lukács János

Prof. Dr. Lukács Jánosegyetemi tanár

Anyagszerkezettani és Anyagtechnológiai Intézet
Szerkezetintegritási Intézeti Tanszék

Phone: +36(46)565-111/14-11
Office: A/4. földszint 3.
MTMT id: 10003355
CV: Hungarian   English

He was born in Pécs (1958), graduated as a mechanical engineer (1981), a welding engineer (1984), and received his doctorate (dr. techn.) in 1985. He defended C.Sc. (Ph.D.) dissertation at the HAS in 1994, and did his habilitation (Dr.habil) at Miskolc in 1999. He is full professor since 1999. He was vice-dean (1994-2001), human resource director (2002-2007), vice-rector responsible for strategic and development affairs (2012-2013), and director of Institute of Materials Science and Technology (2014-2021). He was and is project manager of different institutional research and development projects. His research interests include fracture mechanics, structural integrity of welded structures; he has published more than 400 publications.