Ibolya Hardai

Ibolya Hardaiphd student

Logisztikai Intézet

E-mail: altibo@uni-miskolc.hu
Phone: +36(46)565-111/17-79
Office: Building A/5, 1st floor, Room 110.
MTMT id: 10066200

Ibolya Hardai was born in Bonyhád in 1974. In 1993 she graduated from Veres Pálné Grammar School in Budapest, then she was a student at the Budapest Technical University and ELTE. He received a first class honours with distinctions degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Miskolc in 2016 and a master's degree in logistics in 2018. Currently he is a PhD student at the József Hatvanyi Doctoral School of Informatics at the University of Miskolc and a Master student in Economics at the Faculty of Economics.