Dániel Erdősy

Dániel ErdősyPhD student

Institute of Physixs and Electronic Engineering

E-mail: elkedani@uni-miskolc.hu
Phone: 11-44
Office: A/3. building, 2nd floor, 6th door
Website: http://www.uni-miskolc.hu/~elkedani/
MTMT id: 10060709
Consultation time: Wednesday, 12-2 PM Preferred online or phone call based consultation.
CV: Hungarian   English

In 2017 he got BSc degree of Electrical Engineering at University of Miskolc (specialization: Electronic design and production). Currently he studies Electrical engineering on MSc level at the same university (Process Control and Industrial Communication). In addition to active studies, he was a trainee for Robert Bosch Starter Motors Generators Ltd. in Miskolc, and since February 2017 he has been technical assistant at the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Due to his professional interest he participated in several scientific student works and scientific conferences. His long-term plans include continuing the research work and obtaining a scientific degree.