Béla Paripás (PhD)

Béla Paripás (PhD)professor

Institute of Physixs and Electronic Engineering

E-mail: bela.paripas@uni-miskolc.hu
Phone: 11-53
Office: A/2. building, 3rd floor, 7th door
Website: http://www.uni-miskolc.hu/~www_fiz/paripas/index.htm
MTMT id: 10003198
Consultation time: Kedd 10-11

I was born in 1955. I graduated as physicist at Kossuth Lajos University of Arts and Sciences in Debrecen in 1979. Then I worked in the field of radiational hygiene for 8 years. I got the university doctor degree in 1985, the PhD degree in 1996, I habilitated in 2002. I have been working in the University of Miskolc, Department of Physics from 1987 as an assistant professor, then as an associate professor and from 2009 as a full professor. I am the Head of the Department (Institute) of Physics from 2004. My professional fields are: experimental study of low energy electron-atom collisions, electron spectrometry, laser physics, radiation protection.