The Institute of Logistics has always aimed to adjust its educational and research structure and palette to the all-time needs of the economy. It mainly provides education at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, moreover also at the Faculty of Economics.

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, it coordinates the Logistics and production-planning Specialization in the frame of the Mechanical Engineering BSc program, the Logistics systems Specialization in the frame of the Information Engineering BSc program, moreover since 2014 it coordinates the Logistics Engineering BSc program as well. Since 2010 the Institute also coordinates the Logistics Engineering MSc program. It also conducts educational activities in both doctoral schools of the faculty.
At the Faculty of Economics, the Institute has a significant educational role in the Logistics Management MSc program.
Besides the previous, the Institute has numerous logistics subjects in different programs at both faculties.
Currently operating laboratories of the Institute are: the hightech automated logistics laboratory, the product identification laboratory and the virtual logistics design laboratory.
The significance and popularity of the field of logistics is well represented by the fact that more than 100 students defend their thesis every year in the Institute.